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Maryanne Taylor

Children's Sleep Consultant
Children's Sleep | Baby Reflux
5+ years experience

Healthcare Experience

Maryanne believes that each family and each child's experience and needs are very individual when it comes to sleep. Sleep problems can be caused by any number of issues at any stage of childhood and it is essential to work with each family personally in order to build a sleep plan, which is completely personalised and therefore right for them and their family. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to sleep and she believe that through care, support and gentle methods, parents can be empowered to get their child's sleep on track.

Encouraging a child to learn the skill of falling asleep independently, and the ability to resettle him/herself to sleep is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child (and themselves!).

Maryanne is a highly experienced sleep consultant helping families with their children's sleep problems, from newborn babies to children up to seven years of age. In addition to being a mother of three children, and experiencing sleep deprivation at its worst herself, she trained and became a certified sleep consultant under Kim West in the US and completed advanced training with the International Maternity Institute.

She is a member of the British Sleep Society and The International Association for Sleep Consultants. As well as helping families directly, Maryanne gives many sleep workshops to groups, companies and law firms; runs facebook sleep clinics for Bounty and other brands; has a regular slot on a BBC radio phone in show; and has appeared in a recent Channel 4 show.

Education and Qualifications

Maryanne's education and qualifications are listed below.

Salford University Higher National Diploma Business Studies and Languages Distinction
Newborn Services & Training Certicate Postnatal Care Certificate
Kim West, The Sleep Lady ® Training & Certification Gentle Sleep Coach Certificate
International Maternity & Parenting Institute Training & Certification Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant .