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Katharina Howard

Nutritionist specialising in early childhood and pregnancy nutrition
Children's nutrition
6+ years experience

Healthcare Experience

Katharina has a vast experience of perinatal and early childhood nutrition. She is passionate about the role of food and diet in preventing ill health, improving mood, behaviour and sleep. She has two young children of her own. Katharina aims to provide unbiased and non-judgemental advice tailored to your specific needs.

After completing undergraduate studies at Oxford University, Katharina gained a masters degree with distinction in Applied Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University. She has spent the past 6 years specialising in perinatal and early childhood nutrition, teaching in children's centres and primary schools throughout Oxfordshire. She has also built up a successful private consultation business providing a full spectrum of personalised one-on-one nutritional advice to individuals, covering areas such as sport-related advice, weight loss, primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Education and Qualifications

Katharina's education and qualifications are listed below.

Oxford Brookes University MSc Applied Human Nutrition Distinction