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About Us

'It takes a village to raise a child' - a simple truth that all parents understand. And at WellVine, we are bringing that village to you. A network of highly experienced health specialists, available via video call, when you need them.

We have heard from hundreds of parents - short on time, patience and options - struggling to access health specialists in their time of need. They described long waits to get referrals to specialists; difficult searches if they wanted to forego the referral process and find a specialist themselves; and an overwhelming sense of frustration in not being able to get the right support at the right time. They all wished there was a better way.

From nappies to Netflix - we can access so much now at the click of a button, but the way we access healthcare has been the same for decades. Until now.

WellVine is a new way to access specialists in breastfeeding and children's health. Book a specialist appointment at the touch of a button; speak to a specialist wherever you are. WellVine is bringing choice, convenience and control to parents.

A better way for people to access the specialist health advice they need on their parenting journey.