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Worried about your milk supply when breastfeeding?


Do you ever worry about not providing enough milk for your baby when breastfeeding? You are not alone! This is the number one concern of the majority of breastfeeding mothers. Lyndsey Hookway, an experienced Lactation Consultant, is here to help you understand this issue. Let’s take a moment to consider why women feel like this: You cannot see what your baby is getting Babies sometimes behave in a way that is not easy to understand Babies sometimes feel very frequently Babies

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A Nutritionist’s guide to weaning


Just as you have got your head around breast or bottle feeding your baby, and creating some sort of routine that works for your family, it is time to start weaning your baby onto solid food. Katharina Howard, an experienced WellVine Nutritionist, shares her top tips to help make the weaning experience fun and stress free for your baby and for you. When is the best time to wean your baby? Research suggests it is best to start weaning your

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WellVine invited to 10 Downing Street


WellVine was invited to the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street on November 30th 2017.  WellVine had previously been selected as one of 100 most innovative ventures across the country for the national Small Business UK campaign, and we were invited to showcase our business at Downing Street as part of the campaign. It was an invigorating afternoon of discussing the business landscape, the successes and challenges facing ventures like WellVine, and the government plans to support small businesses. You can

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Breastfeeding tips: The 3 most common breastfeeding problems (and how to approach them!)


Whatever your journey with breastfeeding,, you are not alone! You and your baby are of course totally unique, however, many mothers find themselves tackling a few problems over and over again. Lyndsey Hookway, an experienced WellVine Lactation Consultant shares her advice on the three main breastfeeding questions that are often top-of-mind for new mums. Low milk supply If I had a pound for every mother who was worried about her milk supply, I’d be a very wealthy woman by

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Will the baby wake up even earlier?

WellVine mum and baby sleeping image

This post was originally written for the My Baba parenting blog (http://mybaba.com/) and has been re-published here. My Baba parenting blog contains expert tips and advice on parenting and pregnancy including guides and reviews of the latest baby kit and style for mums.   “Will the baby wake up even earlier?” This is probably the most-asked question amongst sleep-deprived parents just about now. On Sunday 29 October, the clocks will turn back one hour. Simple enough. But when it comes to children’s

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Top Tips For Dealing With a Fussy Eater


What does the term ‘fussy eating’ mean? “Although there’s no scientific definition of fussy eating, parents say they know it when they see it. Now, studies show that fussy eaters do exhibit definable preferences and mealtime behaviours” (Science Daily, February 2015). There are two types of fussy eating. One involves children rejecting foods that they like one day, but then happily eating them the next; another type of fussy eating would involve consistently refusing to try anything new. Many children can

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WellVine & Philips Avent partner to launch new breastfeeding offer

Helping new mothers: WellVine and Philips Avent

Introducing a new way to support breastfeeding mums First things first: Breastfeeding can be hard. From sore nipples, to latching issues, to concerns about milk supply, to mastitis and thrush – for many new mothers, breastfeeding is a challenging and emotionally turbulent experience. In fact, 81% of new mothers in the UK who started breastfeeding their new born baby, stopped breastfeeding sooner than they wanted to – many in the very early days – often due to feeding difficulties and a

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Small Biz 100: WellVine selected as one of 100 innovative small businesses across the country

New mother using WellVine

We are delighted to have been included on The Small Business Saturday 100 list! Small Business Saturday UK is a national campaign which highlights small business success and encourages people to support small businesses like us. We are in fabulous company with innovative ventures from across the country. You can read more about this in The Guardian here. Each business on the list is assigned one day (out of 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday on 2nd Dec) to shine

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Breastfeeding Tips: A Lactation Consultant’s Guide to Breastfeeding Diet

A Lactation Consultants Guide to Breastfeeding Diet

To kick start World Breastfeeding Week, WellVine is offering 10% off breastfeeding appointments! Enter “WBW17” at checkout What should I eat whilst breastfeeding? Do I need to follow a special breastfeeding diet? If I had a pound for every time I was asked this, I could retire. It’s not that this is a bad question, but it’s one that causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety for many new mums. The short answer is you can eat and drink virtually

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